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Great content!

Such enlightening content! John's very knowledgeable and informative, he provides real insights that definitely work. Glad to find your podcast, I'm learning a lot especially since we are into Facebook advertisements too!

Amazing Content

Jon gives his listeners so much valuable info! He is amazing and so easy to understand. Sign up for his emails, too! Every marketer needs to follow Jon Loomer.

If you only have time for one..

Make this the podcast that you listen to. John is such a down to earth guy and he is unparalleled in his knowledge of Facebook advertising. He gives more away for free than many of the other so called "gurus" try to sell. I have all my people listen to his show and read his blog, it's a requirement. His success is inspirational and one of the reasons I decided to go off on my own.

A must-listen for anyone who works in marketing

Jon’s blog and podcast are a must for any marketing professional.

This Guy Knows His Stuff

Rather than focusing on building his own career as a speaker or social media "personality," John is focused on continuing to teach all of us how to use Facebook to our advantage. His working knowledge of the subject matter is evident. He doesn't talk about Facebook theory, but rather gets down to the actual "how to" of running solid, targeted ads. He's on my short list of Facebook experts who are actually.....well, experts.

So helpful

Jon Loomer is so helpful. I get tons of great info from his shows. Highly recommended!

Solid Podcast, Great Information

Contrary to what others are saying, Jon's podcast is entertaining and informative. He is one of the best in the industry at giving actionable advice. He has helped me advance my career in PPC and I always look forward to the next episode.

Awesome podcast

Great stuff, never miss an episode. Love how jon shares insights about his business and what he is doing to grow it.

Listened to all of Jon's podcasts

The best testimonial to how helpful something is can be determined by how much you use it. I’ve found Jon’s podcasts so helpful that I’ve listened to every one of them.


This review hails from Sydney, Australia Jon, cheers. Reason why you don't have as many reviews is obviously because Apple makes it pretty tough to find the review. That being said, you've taught me heaps and humbly admit. These podcasts help me to evaluate my own business, dig deeper into my knowledge base and ultimately, help more people. Thanks again and look forward to a pint when you come to Australia.

It’s all in the details & this laid-back pubcast has them all!

Facebook marketing can be both challenging and frustrating. Thankfully, with a little funky jazz, a cold beverage and Jon’s smooth style, learning about advanced Facebook marketing isn’t so bad. Jon delivers honest content to show you how to get the most from Facebook ads and he doesn’t go for gimmicks or tricks that will cost you time and money in the end. If you really want to make your FB marketing successful, listen to this podcast. In addition to the original content of the Social Media Pubcast, Jon also delivers audio versions of his blog. That’s perfect for people like me that are always on the go. I can get the information from his blogs while I run or in the car. Jon, I’d love to pull up a bar stool with you, brother. My life seems to be going the direction as yours.

Excellent Facebook & PPC marketer

The knowledge and strategies that Jon has acquired in just two years of being a social marketer is impressive. What makes him even cooler is that he doesn't hold much back when it comes to sharing much of his knowledge and strategies. If you are looking to increase your knowledge and learn some new strategies about Facebook marketing/PPC then you want to check what Jon has to offer with this podcast and more!

Unsurpassed Value

Jon is so transparent and relatable in his podcast. He creates an atmosphere from from the start that this is going to be a time where you can kick back and relax because he is going to take care of you. He entertains, educates and feeds information in an easy to understand way. I highly recommend Jon’s podcast, blog and video blog to my friends in the industry.

Fabulous info about Facebook

If you use Facebook to reach clients for your business or supporters for your non-profit, Jon’s advice is exactly what you need to do it better and cheaper.

Extremely informative and helpful

Jon is always ahead of the curve on Facebook and all the changes. He not only helps you with all the new features but his classes and website are awesome. Keep it up Jon!!

High Level Learning+Casual & Fun Style=Jon Loomer All The Way!

Jon delivers in depth social media knowledge in a casual & fun format that anyone can enjoy. He removes the intimidation factor from the more techie stuff and inserts a light-hearted ease into it in a way that only he can. You will actually feel like you’re sitting across the bar from Jon, enjoying your fav brew & soaking up some massive Facebook knowledge all at the same time! Subscribe to this podcast-your FB ads budget will thank you for it later.

Simply the BEST Advanced Facebook Marketing Podcast out there!

I enjoy sharing a virtual beer with Jon Loomer each week when I tune in to his Social Media Pubcast. Jon is my favorite go to guy for advanced Facebook marketing tips, advice, and strategies. He's no nonsense, straight to the point, and doesn't try and beat you over the head with a sales pitch. It's simply the best advanced Facebook marketing advice you'll find on the web. If you're already a fan of his award winning blog, you'll love his "Pubcast", as he sits down each week with a fantastic expert guest to discuss FB strategies and news, and he regularly adds in new segments to the show to keep it interesting. His flow and personality shines through on his show, the pacing of the show is great, and he's entertaining as well as educational. Definitely subscribe to this show! It deserves to be a Top 10 business/social media podcast on iTunes!

If your business is on Facebook, you need to be listening to this podcast.

If you have a business page on Facebook, and you're not listening to this podcast, you're missing out on cutting edge insights and smart strategy. There seems to be new changes in the facebook marketing world every day. Save yourself a biggg chunk of your time by working this pubcast into your weekly rotation. With guests like Amy Porterfield and Chad Whittman, Jon relentlessly provides valuable tips and strategies in a way you won't get anywhere else on the internet. Cheers!

You Make Sense!

Jon, in this ever-changing world of Social Media, I can always count on you to keep me apprised of the latest changes, trends, offerings as well as super ninja tricks to make the most out of my ad dollars. Keep up the great work!

Simply The Best Social Media Podcast!

Great information you can actually use! Combined with Jon's blog its a perfect way to keep up with social media, especially Facebook. Cheers Jon!

Great advice!

Jon gives great practical advice on using Facebook!


Jon and his guests deliver some quality info! I get insider tips and helpful info from the pub casts. Well done Jon!

Social media insights

One of the must listen podcasts for social media marketing.

Great information!

I've listened to every podcast and I not only find the information very valuable, but his manner very laid back and non-imposing. Highly recommended!

Smart, practical podcast on Facebook marketing

Jon is a really smart guy and his podcast touches on the latest updates to Facebook that marketers should know about and helps marketers get more strategic and innovative in their approach to social marketing.

Motivating, informational and I look forward to each episode

Jon Loomer's podcast delivers. I appreciate the casual nature and always end the podcast with something of value that I can use to make my digital presence more appealing to others. I am grateful for the work that goes into this - Thanks Jon!