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This Pubcast episode discusses what custom metrics are and specific examples of when you might use them to make your Facebook Ads Manager reporting more valuable.

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You're probably familiar with Detailed Targeting Expansion and Lookalike Expansion. What about Custom Audience Expansion?

If reports of early tests are any indication, expansion may be coming soon to your custom audiences.

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You may have noticed that some columns in your Ads Manager reports show stats, but the totals row is empty. There's a reason for this.

It has to do with attribution. I discuss in more detail here:


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During the past several months, we've seen a trend progress more and more with Meta advertising towards automation.

In some cases, this can be good. If Meta can find results better than you can, great! That's more efficient.

But, more automation isn't always good. It means less control. And there…

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It's possible that you're part of a test that allows you to use Advantage Plus Meta campaign creation.

What is it? Is it a big deal? Let's discuss...

I wrote a post about it here:


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It's important that you use web events to track important actions that occur on your website for targeting, reporting, and optimization purposes.

Just as importantly, you should pass parameters to provide important details.

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Here are my thoughts on Meta shutting down Facebook Podcasts.

I think there are some misunderstandings about how this worked and why it mattered. For me, I didn’t lose a ton. About 4% of my downloads happened here, and Facebook provided virtually no stats on anything of substance.

Instead, this…

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Meta has several standard pixel events that you can use to track typical events that happen on websites. But, you can also track custom events.

Custom events are for when standard events aren't good enough. I have several custom events that fire on my website.

Most of my custom events are related…

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Years ago, Facebook advertisers had to follow a 20-percent text in images rule. A grid tool was used to determine whether the image would pass. Ads would get rejected due to too much text.

After that, Facebook moved to a sliding scale. You could still generally get your ad shown, but it may get le…

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For all my fellow introverts out there trying to survive in a look-at-me marketing world, this is for you.

It was easy to be an introverted marketer initially. But, the more everything evolves towards video and connection, the more we need to evolve.

Here's a closer look at my struggle.

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Have you ever used Reach optimization for your Meta advertising? There are some specific situations when you should consider it.

Reach optimization isn't magical. It won't give you great results when targeting a cold audience (unless you only want awareness). It can be most useful for the warmest …

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Do you understand how Meta gives credit to ads for conversions in Ads Manager? This is "attribution."

Attribution is often misunderstood. It's not just the direct click that gets the credit. And only one ad will get credit for a single conversion.

Of course, how this is determined has changed dur…

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The Learning Phase is the period of time when your results will be least stable. It's how Meta learns about how best to optimize the distribution of your ads.

See this post for additional details:


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Should you trust Facebook and use automatic placements? Or should you pick your placements manually?

If you pick your placements manually, which placements should you choose and why?

In this video, I break down the things you should think about and ways you can find your answers.

Learn more here…

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Auction Overlap is what happens when you have multiple ads that attempt to enter the same auction.

How is it controlled? What can you do about it? I cover it in this video.

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You need to vet your next client. Do not take just anyone. You need clients who set you up for success.

Does the potential client have a built-in audience for targeting?

What about the things that you can't control, like industry, brand reputation, product quality, and competition? Do they make y…

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Facebook advertisers worry too much about things that are outside of their control. They don't understand how these things provide restrictions and benchmarks.

You can't control the product, industry, competition, client website, audience you inherit, and so much more -- or you control very little…

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One of the first things a Facebook advertiser needs to do is know the rules and do everything they can to follow them.

Ad rejection or, even worse, ad account bans result in delay and frustration. Additionally, you are more likely to get the benefit of the doubt if you consistently follow the rul…

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One of my least favorite questions starts with "Should I...?"

Should you target a big audience or a small one? Should you use lookalike audiences? Should you optimize for conversions or traffic?

First of all, the answers to these questions aren't universal. Second, there's really only one way to …

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Conversions API may not solve for data loss from iOS opt-outs, but it's still important.

If you use the Conversions API for web events in addition to the pixel, you're more likely to get a complete -- or close to complete -- picture of traffic conversions.

This impacts optimization, attribution, …

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I use Google Tag Manager to manage my Facebook (or Meta) pixel, and there are several reasons why. It's easy to add the base pixel code and add the standard events. It also works well with the Conversions API Gateway. But, most importantly, I find the built-in trigger types extremely helpful for cr…

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What Facebook ad metrics do you care about? You should keep it relatively simple. I have a saved setup in Ads Manager that applies to any campaign, regardless of optimization. This allows me to easily track the things that I care about most.

I call my saved columns "The Good Stuff." These are the …

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Website custom audiences are shrinking due to iOS opt-outs. But, Facebook could replace these audiences so easily. There are limitless audiences that Facebook could create today that would help advertisers.

The key: These audiences wouldn't be impacted in any way by iOS opt-outs.

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I know that advertisers like clear, universal advice when it comes to Facebook ads. But, the truth is that so many factors contribute to how you should do something, the strategies you should use, and whether the results you're getting are good enough. In so many cases, the best answer (at least in…

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