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Clone Your Voice with AI

You can clone your voice with AI now.

I did this with Resemble.ai. You can create a free account to try it out like I did.

First, you submit three to 25 audio samples by reading various sentences and phrases the app gives you. I tried really hard to talk casually like I normally would, hoping it would train the AI better.

Then you have to wait a day or two while the app clones your voice.

When it's ready, you can go in and create clips. You type out sentences and the app will read back the words in your AI-cloned voice.

Is it perfect? Nah, not at all. I've heard some much more convincing examples. But this was also free, and there are a bunch of features you can use if you pay.

Overall, still kinda cool! I can envision using this to generate audio versions of blog posts in my voice (assuming we can get it to actually sound like me).

What do you think?