Welcome to The Pubcast with Jon Loomer!

Website Performance, GA4, and Preparing for AI with Joel Hughes

Jon invites Joel Hughes to the Pub to discuss WordPress, GA4, and AI. Joel is the founder of Glass Mountains, which is a web support agency with clients in the UK and US (including Jon).

Topics covered...

0:23 Music, CDs, minidisc players, and what they're drinking (Corona and Manic Confidence Hazy Enough IPA).

5:00 The work Joel's team does for Jon as well as feelings on Cloudflare, Zaraz/GTM for pixel and API management, and the biggest mistakes people make with their websites.

19:15 Other tools and plugins that Joel recommends.

23:27 Preparing for GA4.

29:45 Preparing for AI and how it might integrate with websites; the impact to search referrals, jobs, and roles; and AI-generated content.

You can find Joel at glassmountains.co.uk and on TikTok at @glass_mountains and @thejoelhughes (for guitar stuff!).