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Jan. 5, 2022

PUBCAST SHOT: The Importance of Business Verification

If you haven't already, you need to get your business verified. Don't wait until Facebook requires it. Here's why and how you'll …

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Jan. 4, 2022

PUBCAST SHOT: How to Use the Cost Cap Bid Strategy

Do you know when to use the Cost Cap bid strategy? Let's talk through what it's for, how it works, and an example of how you migh…

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Jan. 3, 2022

PUBCAST SHOT: How to Optimize Text Per Person

Facebook has a buried feature that allows you to Optimize Text Per Person. It's not the Multiple Text Options or Dynamic Creative…

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Jan. 2, 2022

PUBCAST SHOT: How Should You Use Placements?

All placements are different. Requirements are different. Performance and costs are different. Should you use automatic placement…

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Jan. 1, 2022

PUBCAST SHOT: Ad Account in Violation of Item 5

If you've received a warning from Facebook that one or more of your ad accounts is in violation of Item 5 of "Things You Should K…

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Dec. 31, 2021

PUBCAST: 9 Steps to Growing a Podcast

There are nine things that I do that, by themselves, may not move the needle. But, together, they make for a comprehensive strate…

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Dec. 30, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: At What Point is Auction Overlap a Concern?

Auction Overlap can lead to poorly performing ads. Here, explain why, how you can detect Auction Overlap, and what you should do …

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Dec. 29, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: How Lookalike Expansion Works

Not to be confused with Targeting Expansion, Lookalike Expansion could also take some guesswork out of Lookalike Audience creatio…

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Dec. 28, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: Understanding Targeting Expansion

How Targeting Expansion works is mostly misunderstood by advertisers. In theory, Targeting Expansion should only work as a benefi…

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Dec. 27, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: How to Use Campaign Budget Optimization

Do you turn Campaign Budget Optimization on when you advertise on Facebook? Here's what you need to know about how it works and s…

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Dec. 26, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: Custom Audiences That Aren't Impacted by Restrictions

As we know, the pixel will become less and less effective due to iOS 14 and browser restrictions. It doesn't mean you should stop…

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Dec. 25, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: Your Christmas Shot

A bit of a diversion from your typical Facebook ads or business tip, here's my Christmas message to you...

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Dec. 24, 2021

PUBCAST: No Hustle, No Guilt

If you are a proud member of the Hustle Culture, this message is not for you. Otherwise, this is my story, how it impacted my out…

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Dec. 23, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: The Latest Benefit of Facebook Lead Ads

Now, more than ever before, you should include Facebook lead ads as part of your strategy. Here's why...

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Dec. 22, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: URL Parameters and Facebook Ads

Do you use URL parameters with the links you promote in your Facebook ads? You should! They can help uncover conversions that Ads…

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Dec. 21, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: Pick a Client Who Sets You Up for Success

It's important that you pick a client who sets you up for success. A client who puts you into a position to succeed before you st…

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Dec. 20, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: Within and Outside of Your Control

As an advertiser, it's important to understand what's in and outside of your control. Don't be distracted by the things you can't…

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Dec. 19, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: Know and Follow the Rules

Ads get rejected, sometimes by mistake. But it's important that you know and follow the rules. Some are obvious and some aren't. …

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Dec. 18, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: The Importance of Experimentation

Possibly the most important advice I could give an inexperienced advertiser is to experiment often. Here's why...

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Dec. 17, 2021

PUBCAST: A 30-Day Podcasting Test

I just completed a 30-day test with my podcast, publishing a different episode every single day. In this episode, I break down th…

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Dec. 16, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: Target an Audience Based on Event Frequency

We know that not all customers are the same, just like not all website visitors are the same. You can actually isolate your highe…

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Dec. 15, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: How to Run Ads to Generate Maximum Purchase Value

When you run a conversions campaign, you could have Facebook show your ads to people most likely to convert. Or, you could should…

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Dec. 14, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: I Reached 100,000 of My Facebook Followers in 30 Days f…

You may have heard about my experiment, a challenge to reach all -- or as many -- my followers with an ad as I could. This is the…

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Dec. 13, 2021

PUBCAST SHOT: Reporting Window Tip

If your audience is high-volume iOS, you should be very careful about the reporting window you use. Here's why...

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